Top 5 Medical Marijuana Myths

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This is Dr. Victor Chou with the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

Today I’m going to address the Top 5 Myths I see regarding Medical Marijuana Treatment.

Let’s get started.


Myth 1 – I will get an ID card from the state of Louisiana

False.  While many states do provide ID cards medical marijuana patients, Louisiana does not provide cards to medical marijuana patients.

After you see the doctor, they will send the recommendation which is the approval document to allow you to start purchasing and using the medical marijuana, to the dispensary of your choice.

While many doctors and pharmacies are willing to provide you a copy of your recommendation if you ask, again you will not receive any official card from the state.


Myth 2 – My job cannot fire me if I have a medical marijuana recommendation.

False.  Unfortunately, your medical marijuana recommendation is simply a doctor’s recommendation that this treatment will benefit you, but there are still many myriad contradictory laws with regards to marijuana use.

Many of these contradictions have not yet been addressed by the legislature, courts, or employers so you could very well find yourself subject to an adverse job action for being a medical marijuana patient.

Traveling with marijuana is also tricky, because each state has their own laws regarding marijuana use and possession.  Simply having a medical marijuana recommendation from Louisiana may not protect you in other states or counties.


Myth 3 – I will get immediate results from medical marijuana treatment.

False.  While there are some patients that do receive immediate benefits from medical marijuana treatment, the average patient typically has to try multiple strains and routes of administration over a 3-6 month period.

And that is just to get a basic response.  To get a full benefit, to where you are comfortable with all aspects of your medical marijuana treatment, such as adjusting the strain, dosage, and route of administration as needed, often times it will take a patient more around 6-12 months.


Myth 4 – I will use the strain my friend recommended because he said it’s the “best” one for pain.

False.  I strongly advise patients to rely on multiple sources for their medical marijuana information.  Don’t just listed to my advice.  Hear what the pharmacist or your family has to say.  Cross reference with internet databases as well.

I always tell a patient to be cautious whenever someone states that something is the “best.”  Remember, patients have different symptoms, lifestyles, and preferences for medical marijuana treatment, and just because something works really well for someone does not mean it will work the same for you.

There is certainly nothing wrong with trying a strain that someone has recommended to you, whether a friend or pharmacist, but make sure to do some independent research yourself before your give it a try.


Myth 5 – The flower form of medical marijuana is the best.

False.  Medical marijuana, regardless of form, is simply a medical treatment.  Some forms work best for some patients, other forms work best for others.

The flower form of medical marijuana is simply that.  Just one option of many that you may or may not benefit from.

Again, the flower form may work well for you, and I certainly advise interested patients to give it a try if they desire, after they have taken the time to learn more and do their own research on the pros and cons of flower.



We hope that you enjoyed our Top 5 Medical Marijuana Myths.

As always, please discuss any specific medical decisions with your doctor or pharmacist.

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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana