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Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana


Dr. Victor H Chou, M.D.

Dr. Victor H Chou, M.D.
Dr. Victor H Chou, M.D.


Patient Pledge

Our goal is to provide the ultimate patient experience.  Our 4 point Patient Pledge states that:

  • We respect your time – Your consultation will start on time every time.
  • We listen to you – You will spend 60 minutes with the doctor during each in person consultation.
  • We have transparent fees – All fees are clearly provided before services are rendered.
  • We answer your messages – Patient communications will be returned by the next business day.



We are available 9am to 4pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and 9am to 1pm on Fridays.  However, our schedule, services, and hours of operation are subject to change without advanced notice.

We can be reached by phone, text, and email for NON-EMERGENCY communications.  We DO NOT accept walk-in patients at the clinic for any reason.

If you are having any type of medical emergency, please call 911.

We are glad to offer our services during our operating hours, but we DO NOT offer consultations, advice, services, care, or refills after hours.  If medical care is required when our office is closed, we request that you contact your regular doctor or call 911 if there is a medical emergency.



We are conveniently located off I-12 in Baton Rouge at Exit 4 – Sherwood Forest Blvd.  For your privacy, our clinic address is available only to our patients and will be provided to you when making your appointment.



Medical Marijuana Recommendations

Most patients receiving medical marijuana are seen in person at our clinic every 3 to 6 months.  However, the consultation schedule is determined on a case by case basis and may be more or less frequent.  Each in person consultation at our clinic costs $200 and lasts around 40 minutes.

For your convenience, we offer a telemedicine consultation option through video chat on your smart phone or computer in lieu of some in person followup visits.  Each telemedicine consultation costs $100 and lasts around 20 minutes.

If we are not able to provide a recommendation because medical marijuana product has not yet been released, we will submit a recommendation when product is available.

Baring extraordinary circumstances, your consultation does not expire and you will not be required to followup with us until medical marijuana product is available.

During your visit, the doctor will confirm your qualifying medical diagnosis, discuss your symptoms and goals, review your medication history including medical marijuana usage, formulate an individualized treatment plan, provide followup plans, answer any questions that you may have, and submit a medical marijuana recommendation to your dispensary (if appropriate).

We cannot guarantee the price of the product, if there will be dosage limitations, whether the product would meet your needs, when the product will be available, when your local dispensary will be open, if all eligible patients will be able to obtain product, or any other issues outside our control.

In addition, we are required to follow all applicable medical guidelines, state laws, and medical board regulations regarding general medical practice, treatment of chronic pain, and recommending of medical marijuana.

These guidelines, laws, and regulations can change suddenly and without notice.  Your ability to receive a medical marijuana recommendation could be adversely affected by changes to any of the above.

Because the state of Louisiana limits medical marijuana recommendations to 30 days, refill requests are usually necessary in between the in person consultations.

For patient convenience, these refill consultations can be done over the phone or online and cost $25 to $50 depending on the complexity of the refill request.

Due to the length and individualized nature of your consultation, A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is collected at the time a new patient consultation is scheduled.  This deposit is applied towards your $200 consultation fee.  If you miss your scheduled consultation for any reason (such as cancellation, no-show, or rescheduling), you will forfeit your deposit.

Additional Services

You may incur a separate fee for services which are NOT included in the consultation fee.  Additional fees will usually be disclosed upfront.

These include, but are not limited to, completion of forms, coordination with your health care providers, consultation taking longer than the scheduled appointment time, work on your behalf outside of scheduled consultation times, or providing medical records.

Please note that the only clinical service we provide is medical marijuana recommendations for patients participating in the Louisiana medical marijuana program.  We do not provide any other treatments or prescribe any other medications.

You will need to maintain a relationship with other physicians for primary followup of your qualifying medical condition.


Insurance does not reimburse us for the specialized and extensive consultations that we provide.  Thus, we do not accept insurance.  We accept credit cards and debit cards.  We do not accept cash or checks.




Due to the extensive preparations we make for each consultation, we do not take walk-ins for any reason.  All in person consultations must be scheduled at least one week in advance.

Due to the length and individualized nature of your consultation, A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is collected at the time a new patient consultation is scheduled.

If you cancel, no-show, or reschedule your consultation for any reason, you will forfeit your deposit or be subject to an additional fee.


For your convenience, refill consultations can be done over the phone or online.


We may elect to complete forms, such as work excuses, school excuses, FMLA forms, or insurance forms, at our discretion.  There may be a fee to complete these forms.

Completion of medical marijuana recommendation forms are included in your consultation fee.

Medical Records

Every patient is provided a copy of their medical records from their in person consultations at no charge.

If you would like additional copies of your medical records, please contact our office. There may be a fee to provide additional copies of your medical records.

Privacy Policy

  • We collect protected health information.
  • We use your protected health information to provide medical marijuana consultations and recommendations.
  • We use email, text, phone, voice mail, and postal mail to communicate with our patients.
  • Some methods of communications are unsecured and inadvertent release of protected health information may occur.
  • If you are a patient at our clinic, you allow us to communicate with you through any of the above methods.
  • Please contact us for more information about our clinic’s privacy policies.


Items to Bring

Unexpired Government issued photo ID

For example unexpired Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Military ID, or Passport.  The ID must have your name, date of birth, and your picture.  The picture on the ID must be an accurate representation of your current appearance.

Proof of Louisiana Residency

For example Utility Bill, Bank Statement, or Government letter, with a Louisiana address.

Relevant Medical Records 

The medical records must be dated within the past 12 months and from your current treating physician.  The records must state your diagnosis, how long you’ve had your medical condition, your previous treatments, and your current treatment plan. 

These records must be on paper as we are unable to access records on electronic media or online. 

We also want to know all medications you currently take or have tried, including marijuana products.  Pictures of labels or packaging are very helpful.

Information Packet

An information packet will be sent to you after your consultation has been scheduled.  You will need to bring a signed copy to each in person consultation.

Method of Payment

We accept credit and debit cards.  We do not accept cash or checks.

Urine Sample

You will need to provide a urine sample at the clinic for urine drug screening.



Usage of our online services or obtaining information about our clinic does not constitute a physician-patient relationship.  A physician-patient relationship is established only when you have presented to our clinic for an in person consultation.  Even if you are a patient of our clinic, information provided online may not be suitable for your individual health situation and you should always consult with Dr. Chou about your specific medical situation.

Information provided online is for educational purposes only.  While we offer information that we feel is beneficial, this advice is general in nature and does not constitute medical advice.  The information we provide may not be right for your individual circumstance.  You should always consult with your own doctor for individualized medical advice.

We do collect personally identifiable information.  This may include information like your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, computer address, and other personally identifiable information.  We use cookies on our website for a variety of functions.  They include, but are not limited to, tracking your usage of this site, paying deposits, and booking appointments.

While you may voluntarily provide it, we do not ask for protected health information online.  We ask that you refrain from leaving protected health information through electronic means, such as email, voice mail, or text.  We cannot guarantee the protection of your protected health information if you voluntarily provide it to us through unsecured channels.

While we will not generally release your information to uninvolved third parties and while we will try our utmost to protect your privacy, we do not guarantee that your privacy will be protected from hacking, malicious activity, or other disclosures, and we do not guarantee that you or your devices will not be adversely affected by malware, spam, offensive content, or other malicious behavior.

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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana