Is your Doctor Qualified to Recommend Medical Marijuana?


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Just because a doctor CAN do your medical marijuana recommendation doesn’t mean they SHOULD.  Keep in mind that the state of Louisiana only requires 3 things for a doctor to write medical marijuana recommendations

  1. Take a one hour online class
  2. Pass a background check
  3. Pay a $75 fee

So pretty much any doctor can start writing recommendations without any training or knowledge.


Questions to ask any Doctor who is writing Medical Marijuana recommendations.

  1. What medical marijuana professional organizations are you a member of?
  2. How much education do you have in the area of medical marijuana?
  3. How many medical marijuana patients do you currently take care of?
  4. How long does your initial patient consultation take?


You want your doctor to be a member of professional organizations and have received education in medical marijuana in order to provide the best treatment options for you.

For example, Dr. Chou is the founder of the Louisiana Association of Medical Marijuana Professionals (LAMMP) and has spent over 1,500 hours preparing to write medical marijuana recommendations for his patients.

Your doctor should have a large number of patients with a diverse variety of symptoms and spend ample time doing your initial consultation in order to fully understand and treat your medical needs.


For example, Dr. Chou has seen patients for medical marijuana recommendations encompassing every single qualifying diagnosis.  His new patient consultation takes about 60 minutes to complete.

So make sure you’re asking the right questions before you set up your appointment with any medical marijuana doctor to make sure you’re getting your time and money’s worth.


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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana