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You should always perform your own research and due diligence, including consulting with your doctor, before utilizing any of the resources below.


Dr. Victor Chou, M.D. and the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana

Request a Consultation with Dr. Chou and the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana.

Get information about our clinic, location, clinicians, fees, and policies.

Learn about the state of Louisiana’s medical marijuana program.



See a list of all the medical marijuana products that have been released in Louisiana.

These syringes hold up to 1cc total volume with markings every 0.1cc for precise tincture dosing.

Empty gelatin capsules can be filled with tincture or distillate for patients that desire a longer lasting effect.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a basic book for patients new to medical marijuana.

Cannabis Pharmacy is an advanced book for more experienced patients.

The Medical Cannabis Therapy Logbook is a good way to track your response to medical marijuana treatment.



Medicine Cabinet.  Phone: 318-545-4460.  Address: 403 Bolton Ave.  Website: www.themedicinecabinetla.com

Capitol Wellness Solutions.  Phone: 225-800-9420.  Address: 8037 Picardy Ave.  Website: www.capitolpharmacy.com

Willow Dispensary.  Phone: 985-792-2391.  Address: 69090 Hwy 190 Service Rd. E. Suite 101.  Website:  willowofmadisonville.com

Green Leaf Dispensary.  Phone: 985-360-3372.  Address: 6048 West Park Ave. Website: greenleaf-dispensary.com

The Apothecary Shoppe.  Phone: 337-345-4500.  Address: 620 Guilbeau Rd. Suite A. Website: www.theapothecaryshoppe.net

Medicis.  Phone: 337-420-8420.  Address: 1727 Imperial Blvd. Building 4.   Website: medicispharmacy.com

H&W Dispensary. Phone: 504-301-2363.  Address:  5055 Veterans BlvdWebsite: hwdispensary.com

The Apothecary Shoppe. Phone: 337-345-4500.  Address:  1700 Center St.  Website:  theapothecaryshoppe.net

H&W Dispensary. Phone: 504-301-2363.  Address:  1667 Tchoupitoulas Ave.  Website: hwdispensary.com

Hope Pharmacy.  Phone: 318-585-0420.  Address: 1410 Kings Highway. Suite A.  Website:  hoperxla.com

Willow Dispensary.  Phone: 985-288-2660.  Address: 796 East I-10 Service Rd. Suite 190.  Website:  willowdispensary.com

Delta Medmar.  Phone: 318-855-3373.  Address: 1707 McKeen Place.  Website:  purlifelouisiana.com



Dr. Chou is a compensated blog contributor for Every Day Optimal CBD, one of the leading CBD producers in the United States.

  • Attorney David Brown

One of the most knowledgeable attorneys in Louisiana regarding cannabis law.  Phone: 225-224-6845.

Project CBD is a non-profit organization which operates one of the most informative websites on CBD.

Healer features articles and videos from Dr. Dustin Sulak, a nationally recognized medical marijuana expert, on best practices with medical marijuana.

Although most well known as a directory service, Leafly nonetheless has a large collection of articles for medical marijuana patients.

The Sublingual Dose Calculator helps you determine how many drops of tincture to use for any given concentration.



Dr. Chou is the founder of the Louisiana Association of Medical Marijuana Professionals (LAMMP).

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians publishes O’Shaughnessy’s, a highly respected medical marijuana journal.

Dr. Chou is proud to offer a full year of doctor’s consultations free of charge to one deserving veteran selected through Operation Warrior Relief.


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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana