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Clinic Overview

If you are looking to become a new patient at our clinic, please perform the following steps to Request a Consultation with Doctor Chou.

Please note that due to the coronavirus public health emergency, instead of requiring patients to come to our clinic in Baton Rouge, we are currently performing Virtual Visits through video chat on your smartphone. 

The fee is $200 for a New Patient Virtual Visit and $100 for each Followup Virtual Visit every 3 months.  There is no additional fee for standard monthly refills.

We collect a $50 Non-Refundable Deposit when you schedule your New Patient Virtual Visit and the remaining $150 consultation fee at the time of your Virtual Visit.

Our current hours of operation are 9am to 4pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Please be advised that we may not be allowed to continue Virtual Visits after the public health emergency has passed and that regular In Person Clinic Consultations and fees may be required thereafter.


Review Our Website

We require that you carefully review this page, the Clinic Information page, and the Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program page before requesting a consultation.

Important information about our clinic and the Louisiana Medical Marijuana program will be contained within these pages.

Please note that you MUST be a Louisiana resident and you MUST have one of the following Qualifying Medical Diagnoses to be eligible for Medical Marijuana. 

While there has been discussion of new laws which allow for medical marijuana to be used for any debilitating medical condition, those laws have NOT YET PASSED and the following list is still in effect.


Download Zoom Video Chat App

Please Download the Zoom video conferencing app on your Apple or Android device.

We will email and text step by step instructions for using the Zoom app a few days prior to your Virtual Visit.


Submit Request A Consultation Form

To request a new patient consultation, please submit the Request A Consultation Form at the bottom of this page.


Send Medical Records

You or your doctor will need to submit medical records to our office.  As a courtesy, we will email you a Medical Records Request form to assist in requesting records from you doctor.

The medical records must be within the past few years.  At minimum, the records must clearly state a Qualifying Medical Diagnosis.  Ideally, they should also state how long you’ve had the medical condition, any previous treatments, and the current treatment plan. 

The Medical Records can be:

  • emailed to victor@choumd.com
  • faxed to 864-302-1593
  • texted to 225-800-3162
  • mailed to 12011 Bricksome Ave. Suite D. Baton Rouge, LA 70816


Pay Non-Refundable Deposit and Schedule Virtual Visit

After we receive your medical records, we will usually contact you within 1-2 days to collect the Non-Refundable Deposit and schedule your Virtual Visit with Dr. Chou.

Please be aware that once your consultation is scheduled, if it is cancelled, rescheduled, or missed for any reason you would forfeit your Non-Refundable Deposit.

There is also no guarantee that you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation or that the treatment will work for you.

Appointments are typically offered 1-2 weeks from the time that we reach out to you.

We will also send you an Information Packet that needs to be reviewed and signed before your consultation.


Perform Virtual Visit

We look forward to connecting with you and performing your Virtual Visit at your scheduled appointment date and time.



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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana