How do I know if a Medical Marijuana Doctor is Legit?

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As one of the leading medical marijuana doctors in Louisiana, a very common question I get is “How do I know if a Medical Marijuana Doctor is Legit?”

That’s a great question and one that I’m going to answer today.


Types of Legitimate Medical Marijuana Doctors

The following two types of medical marijuana doctors are recommended.  However, you must be aware of the pros and cons of each type.

  • Medical Marijuana Specialists – These doctors practice medical marijuana full time and specialize in the use of medical marijuana for all applicable medical conditions.
  • Single Specialty Doctors – These doctors, such as neurologists or gastroenterologists, will treat a specific condition with medical marijuana as long as it is within their specialty area.

You should consider the following when choosing which type of doctor you want to see for your medical marijuana recommendation


Variety of Symptoms

If you have a large variety of diverse symptoms, you should consider a medical marijuana specialist as they will have a strong breadth of knowledge from working with many different conditions.

If you only have one very specific condition or symptom, such as Crohn’s Disease, then a single specialty doctor might be ok for you.


Symptom Severity

If you have very severe symptoms, your treatment regimen might be very complex.  You might be taking different formulations at different times of day.  In this case, you should consider a medical marijuana specialist.

If your symptoms are mild and you only require a single type of marijuana, then a single specialty doctor might be ok.


Other Medical Conditions

If you have a lot of other medical conditions, and take many other medications, medical marijuana treatment could potentially cause side effects.  A medical marijuana specialist can help you navigate potential complications.

If you are healthy other than your qualifying medical condition, a single specialty doctor might be ok for you.


Doctors to Avoid

Many clinics providing medical marijuana consultations do not have any full time medical marijuana specialists.

Instead, they rely on a rotating band of part time doctors to do their consultations.

These doctors often have full time jobs elsewhere and do medical marijuana recommendations 1-2 times a month to make some extra money.

These doctors only know about medical marijuana treatments on a very superficial level and have not spent significant time and energy on throughly learning about medical marijuana.

Because these clinics don’t have a full time medical marijuana specialist, you won’t be able to find the names or backgrounds of any of their doctors online.

In addition, because these clinics often have a rotating cast of doctors, will anyone that knows you and your condition be around to answer questions and deal with side effects?



Don’t be fooled into wasting your time and hard earned money on an inexperienced doctor.

In many cases, it doesn’t cost any more for you to see an experienced doctor versus one who only knows the basics.

In fact, an experienced medical marijuana specialist can possibly save you money and provide a better quality of life than a less experienced doctor.

So be sure to check out the credentials of anyone providing medical marijuana consultations.

If a clinic isn’t willing to let you know their doctor’s name and background, is that really a place you want to go?

Don’t settle for just anyone to do your medical marijuana consultations.  Demand the best.

Thanks for reading.


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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

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