Are the New Ilera Tinctures Better than Wellcana’s?

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This is Dr. Victor Chou with the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana.  Today we are going to talk about the new Ilera medical marijuana tinctures.

As you probably know, Ilera is the medical marijuana producer for Southern University and one of two companies allowed to produce medical marijuana products in Louisiana.

Just in the past few months, they have released their first batch of medical marijuana products which are now available at most dispensaries in Louisiana.

Today, I will try to answer common questions about the products, like the strains and price, and try to provide some analysis for patients who are trying to decide between the Ilera and Wellcana brands.



So there are 4 Ilera medical marijuana tinctures currently available.

You may be aware that Ilera also has a line of over-the-counter CBD products with trace amounts or no THC.  By contrast, the products we are discussing contain significant amounts of THC and require a physician recommendation to obtain.

These products are:

  • 600mg THC
  • 300mg THC
  • 300mg THC and 300mg CBD with Pinene and Limonene
  • 150mg THC and 150mg CBD with Pinene and Limonene

All products are available as tinctures in a 30cc bottle.  The THC only products are unflavored, and the THC/CBD combinations are citrus flavored.



The price of the products range from around $70 to $150 dollars, which is similar to the comparable Wellcana products.



Unfortunately we don’t know the underlying marijuana strains that Ilera is using for these products.  To be fair, we also do not know the underlying strains for the Wellcana products either.

So for patients, this means there is still quite a bit of trial and error to find out which particular brand will work the best for you.

Patients also ask if one brand is “better” than the other, and my answer is universally “No.”  In terms of the product quality, the manufacturing procedures, and the testing protocols, I feel that both medical marijuana brands in the state of Louisiana are of the highest quality.

However, remember that every patient’s response to medical marijuana is different, and individual patients do typically end up favoring one brand over another.

A good example is to compare Coke and Pepsi.  Even though both products contain the same two ingredients (carbonated water and corn syrup), Coke and Pepsi taste different and most consumers prefer one brand over the other.

Medical marijuana is no different.  Even though the main constituents may be THC or THC and CBD, there are still enough differences between Ilera and Wellcana products that most patients will end up preferring one brand over another.

Patients also ask about when to switch or try another brand.

In general, if you have been using a particular product for a while and are seeing good results, there’s probably not much to be gained by switching to a different brand.

However, if you only recently started medical marijuana, are not having the desired results with your current product, or have a particular flavor or ingredient preference, then trying a different brand may be a good strategy.

Remember though that you should always discuss your specific medical situation with your doctor or pharmacist.



So thanks again for reading today’s article and watching today’s video on the Ilera medical marijuana tinctures.

We didn’t have a chance today to talk about some other medical marijuana products that have hit dispensary shelves, including a RSO type Distillate, a THC predominant topical cream, and a line of Autism focused marijuana tinctures.

Please be on the lookout for a future article and YouTube video where we will discuss those other products.

In the meantime, I invite you to View Our Tips for more articles and videos about medical marijuana, or visit our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading.


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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana