5 Tips to Get the Most from your Medical Marijuana Consultation

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It’s Dr. Chou here and thanks for reading and watching another of our medical marijuana tips.

Today we’re going to give you 5 Tips to Get the Most out of your Medical Marijuana Consultation.

Whether you see me or another doctor, we want every patient out there to get the most out of this treatment option


Tip 1: Collect your medical records

In order to qualify for medical marijuana treatment in Louisiana, there are some basic qualifications you will have to meet.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • have a qualifying medical condition
  • considered, attempted, undertaken, and/or declined conventional therapy
  • show no evidence of substance abuse or diversion
  • medical marijuana treatment will not interfere with conventional treatment, lead to worsening of condition, or mask an acute or treatable condition

Providing up to date medical records, including medication lists and test results, will better allow the doctor to determine your eligibility for medical marijuana treatment.


Tip 2: Start a symptom journal

Because there are many different strains of medical marijuana and some symptoms respond better to specific strains, you will want to keep a symptom journal. 

You should start doing this before your first appointment.  That way the doctor will know what symptoms you’re having and when they occur.

After you start treatment, you’ll want to continue your symptom journal and review that with the doctor at each followup visit.

That way, your doctor can adjust your treatments as needed to make sure you’re getting the most out of your medical marijuana regimen.


Tip 3: Learn about medical marijuana

I recommend that patients learn some basic information regarding medical marijuana treatment and familiarize yourself with the regulations of the state’s medical marijuana program before your appointment. 

Having some basic knowledge under your belt will allow you to ask more insightful questions, be more prepared to discuss your treatment plan, and lead to a more productive consultation with your doctor


Tip 4: Research your marijuana products

Many patients already self medicate with marijuana.  If you do, then please take some time to learn as much about the marijuana you are currently using. 

If possible, know the strain that you are using, the route of administration, the active ingredients, how much you are using, and the effects you are getting.

Your doctor can take the products that you currently use and convert them to a formulation allowed under Louisiana law.

That way, you’ll encounter fewer false starts and dead ends.


Tip 5: Know your goals

Try to know what your goals are for medical marijuana treatment. 

Are you trying to slow the progression of your disease?  Are you looking to get relief from specific symptoms? 

Are there specific products that you want to try or avoid?  Are there life factors that would limit the treatment options available to us? 

The more you let your doctor know, the more they can help you.



Thanks again for taking the time to read and watch our latest tip.  For more of our articles and videos, please visit our official website MarijuanaClinicLa.com

Thanks for reading


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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana