Pros and Cons of the Wellcana RSO Distillate Medical Marijuana Syringe

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Hi.  This is Dr. Chou and I’m the founder and medical director of the Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.  Thanks for tuning in to my latest article and video.

Today we’re going to provide details about the Wellcana RSO Distillate and the pros and cons of this particular product.


Product Details

The Wellcana RSO Distillate is one of the newest products from Wellcana, one of the two official medical marijuana growers in Louisiana.

This product is a major departure from the current Wellcana product line, which are currently all tinctures.

Although not specifically stated by the manufacturer, it is assumed the composition of the RSO Distillate is similar to that of the existing Wellcana THC tincture line, with the exception that there is no carrier oil.

The RSO Distillate contains 710mg of THC in a 1cc syringe, with a single syringe containing about 20-30 “servings.”  Thus, each serving contains approximately 25-35mg of THC.

As described by the manufacturer, the products are full spectrum and contain terpenes, flavinoids, and minor cannabinoids normally found in the medical marijuana plant.

This product currently retails at many dispensaries for around $100-$120 dollars per syringe.



For patients who are currently taking 20mg or more of a Wellcana THC tincture per dose, converting to the RSO Distillate is a good option.  In fact, over 80% of my patients at that dosage level prefer the RSO Distillate over the tincture.

The benefits are many:

  • Getting your dosage in a single drop of Distillate versus a whole dropper of tincture
  • Saving $20-$30 when purchasing the syringe versus the same amount of tincture
  • Having no carrier oil means faster absorption with sublingual administration versus tincture

The RSO Distillate can also be cooked into foods or placed into empty gelatin capsules to allow for a more “oral” form of administration.



The main con with the RSO Distillate is that it cannot realistically be used by patients taking less than 20mg of THC sublingually or in a gelatin capsule .

The concentration and packaging of the product does not realistically allow for a sublingual or gelatin capsule serving size of less than 20mg.

It is possible to take less than a 20mg dose if you bake the entire syringe into 50 cookies or brownies, which would make a 1/2 cookie/brownie 7.5mg of THC and a whole cookie/brownie 15mg of THC.

However, preparing the syringe in this way requires an extra step that may be cumbersome for many patients.  In addition, the shelf life of cookie and brownies is limited, which may result in product spoilage.

Also, usage of the Distillate requires more skill and technique than the tincture.  With the RSO Distillate, it is more difficult to measure the dose accurately, take the product properly, and store the syringe correctly.



Thanks for watching my video and reading my article on the Wellcana RSO Distillate.  I hope you’ve learned useful information about this product and whether or not it might be right for you.

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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana