More about the Wellcana Inhalables and Edibles

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As you may have heard, the first ever inhalable and edible products in the Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program were released by Wellcana this past Holiday Season.

Today we’re going to give you some more information about these two new treatment options.



The inhalables come in two strains:  Bruce Banner and Jenny Kush.  There are approximately 350mg of THC in each inhaler, with the Jenny Kush adding a small amount of CBD.

A patient can self meter the dose in 0.5mg increments up to a total dose of 4mg each puff.  The device is an all-in-one, which means that unfortunately the device cannot be refilled once it’s empty.

Both strains are considered hybrids, and should produce similar effects, although more experienced users may notice a difference in the strains.  For most patients, hybrids can be used daytime and nighttime without having overly stimulating or sedating effects.

As a point of comparison, many of other current Wellcana products, like the Distillate and THC tinctures, are also considered hybrids (specifically using the Jenny Kush strain).

One of the main benefits of inhalables is the quick effect, which occurs in just a few minutes.  The effect typically lasts a few hours.

Also, inhalables like type we’re discussing tend to be fairly easy to use and well tolerated by most patients, without any major odor or smoke (although in most instances there is vapor that can be seen and felt).  This makes it a good choice for patients who are new to medical marijuana and need to figure out the best dose for them.

Most patients use inhalables for breakthrough symptoms, like a sudden flairup of anxiety or pain.



Wellcana also released some gummies, which are a type of edible.  The edibles come in packs of 30, with either 20mg THC per edible or 10mg THC and 10mg CBD per edible.

The strain of THC is Jenny Kush, which as we mentioned earlier is also the same strain used in the Wellcana DIstillate and THC tinctures, and one of the new inhalable products.

Expect differences in effect between the THC only gummies versus the THC and CBD combination gummies, as CBD tends to have a moderating effect on THC.  CBD can also improve symptom relief in certain instances.

Because gummies have a long time to effect (1-2 hours), a long duration of effect (6-8 hours), and come in fixed dosages, they are actually more geared toward advanced users that are familiar with their specific medical marijuana dose and their specific timing needs.

Beginners would probably be better served using an inhalable or tincture because the dose is much more easily titratable.

However, patients that are comfortable with edibles find that it is a good choice for a long lasting effect to keep medical symptoms under control for many hours.



Thanks for watching my video and reading my article on the new Wellcana inhalables and edibles.  I hope you’ve learned useful information about these products and whether or not they might be right for you.

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Doctor Victor Chou, M.D.

Medical Marijuana Clinic of Louisiana